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    Me: You're... pregnant?

    McKenzie: Yep! :D

    Me: This... this is incredible!

    Gizmo: It should be due in one month! :)

    McKenzie: I'm kind of worried though. When Lily was pregnant, did you see her? She was going crazy! :(

    Me: Oh, no matter how you are, I'll be with you every step of the way. :)

    McKenzie: :) Thanks, Charlie.

    Perverted Guy: *is watching us outside through window* OMG *types* Yah and now theyre kissing. XD

    Gizmo: HEY!

    Perverted Guy: I WAS JUST LEAVING!

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      McKenzie: Aw thanks! But I don't know much about pregnancy so I have to refer to you and Puffles.

      Lily: That's alright :3

      Hailey: OMGGGGGGGG CONGRATZ GURL!!! We should hold a baby shower!

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      No one Knows Brady is Watching through the window

      Brady: I need to capture her! So she could have the baby with ME and not that little creep!

      Me: You guys here something?

      Charlie: No...

      Puffles: No..

      Me: I could have sworn i heard something..

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    • That night...

      Me: *wakes up* AAAAAHHHHH!!!! Oh man, I just had the worst nightmare! I dreamt that Brady kidnapped you and- *looks to McKenzie's side of the bed*

      Locy: *runs in through door* Are you okay?! That sounded like your "My wife's been captured" scream! O.O

      In the RPF base...

      McKenzie: Ever get bored of capturing me over and over? :|

      Brady: Funny, I was expecting you to be more... what's it called... freaked out.

      McKenzie: Well... your plans never work.

      Brady: -.-

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    • Me: If only Mackenzie was screaming! I could locate her exact spot!

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    • McKenzie: Alright, why am I here? :|

      Brady: I understand, McKenzie, that you're pregnant.

      McKenzie: How did you find out?! :O

      Brady: Uh... that's, uh, not important. But you are gonna have that egg here.

      McKenzie: What?! What do you want with my baby?! D:<

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    • Me: who to stalk who to stalk umm nope umm nope maybe Brady.but where the fudge is he?*thinks to self "i want some fudge no wait pie"* Man i think i've gone crazy. Why am i talking to myself.*slaps self* ugh  why don't i just calm down by killing someone.Man im so crazy. wait where am i i've been walking for days. only if Cadence was here i would know were the party is at XD.*starts to cry* well ill just join Brady in who knows. *finds Brady* hey

      Brady:not a good time Lego

      Me: why? 

      Brady: I know the PSA hired you again

      Me: no.... o look McKenzie


      Me: wut did i miss?

      McKenzie: you died right?

      Me: no....

      McKenzie: you did

      Me: shut up McKenzie i have to talk to Brady

      McKenzie: *looks mad* 

      Me: ehh

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    • (There is a knock on the door)

      Pixie: PSA, open the door. 

      Brady: Naah man it's cooler when you break in

      Me: Have it your way then. *busts through door* Heh, I've always wanted to do that.

      Brady: O.O

      (All the agents lunge for Brady)

      Lego: PSA HAULT! *drops down and opens portal, which sucks us in*

      Rookie: I HATE WHEN THIS HAAAAPEEEEEEEENSSSSS *portal disappears*

      McKenzie: NOOO!!!!!

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    • (Transported to strange place with tacos growing on trees. The sky is orange, and mariachi music plays softly in the background)

      Taco Vendor: Welcome. ..To the el taco dimension!  I harvest me tacos here.

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    • Hailey: -Is still standing there, in her black Yesterday's War shirt and camo jeans- :|

      Brady: ...Who the hell are you!?

      Hailey: Prince Lonestar. NAW, WHO DO YA THINK IT IS!

      Brady: Umm...Lonestar?

      McKenzie: Nope. :|

      Brady: -Aims gun at Hailey- Whaddya want, punk?

      Hailey: -Just stands there- Boy, just try to shoot me. Nine deaths equals nine lives, so I'll be around for a while. (Insert yao face here)

      Brady: I could just shoot you nine times :/


      Hailey: YEAH, BRADY!

      Brady:..Crap. -Throws gun away- I hate my life. |:(

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    • Me: Listen, Taco Man. You better tell us how to get outta here or I swear I'll-

      Taco Man Clone: You swear you'll what?

      Me: I'll start having burritos instead.

      Taco Man: :O NUUUUUUUUU

      Back in the Regular Demension...

      Brady: That was pretty cool back there, Lego. What do you say, we team up?

      Lego: Hmm... what would I have to do?

      Brady: Pretty much just stop agent attacks.

      Lego: If Agent Eagles comes can I murder him?

      Brady: O.O Um... okay...?

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    • Hailey:...wat

      Look: Uhh... I didn't do anything. -Pokerface-

      Hailey: ORLY

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    • Me: Brady, can i murder anyone in my way?

      Brady: Duh

      Me: cool

      Brady: what kind of question is that?

      Me: a question. O and im starving i have a taste for crab legs.

      Brady: You mean you want to eat a crab 

      Kluzy: CLICK CLICK (translated to NOT ME)

      Me: Watever kluzy 

      Brady: Wait you speak crab

      Me: I speak all the languages duh

      Brady: weird....

      Me: What ever. JUST GET ME MY CRAB LEGS!!!!

      Brady steps back

      Me: well get my food or ill kill you and call me your master *eyes go on fire*

      Brady: Ok Le-- erm i mean Master

      Me: now where is Herbert

      Brady: in a cave

      Me: WHICH CAVE?!

      Brady: i dont know

      Me: make me do all the work ehh?

      Brady: no master

      Me: Good

      Brady: ill call him

      Me: good. also i would like you to meet syclax

      Brady: ssssyyyyycccclllaaaxxx?!? aint dat the sword forged with a million devils?!

      Me: yup


      Me: long story short i was messing around then boom found it

      Brady: thats so easy 

      Me: ikr. the best part is when you use it it sets your eyes on fire

      Brady: GIVE IT TO ME

      Me: NEVER

      Brady: then we will fight for it

      Me: nah its mine so bye AND GET MY CRAB LEGS!

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    • Hailey: :| I'm just... standing right here...

      Brady: *pounds button that drops cage on Hailey* >:D

      McKenzie: >:O

      Hailey: *grimaces* These bars can't hold me for long, I have nine lives so I'll be here a wh-

      Brady: I GET IT!!!

      Hailey: -bad pokerface- Ur no fun, you know that?

      Meanwhile in the Taco Demension...

      Taco Man Clone: OKAY OKAY I'LL TALK! I don't know how do leave this demension! Only the original Taco Man knows how to! This is his demension, after all.

      Pixie: But... this is a whole SEA of clones! We'll never find him!

      Taco Man Clone: In the meantime, who wants a taco?


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    • Hailey:...Brady, you suck.

      Brady: Nope. I'm just BORN THIS WAAAAAY-

      Brady has been Maka-chopped by McKenzie with a book, because he was getting annoying.

      Hailey: Since when did you watch Soul Eater?

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    • McKenzie: I don't... did I really just do that? O.O

      Hailey: Yah...

      McKenzie: I guess I don't know my own strength! I was just trying to knock him out!

      Hailey: Well thanks, he was getting annoying. Now, uh... how do we get outta here?

      Meanwhile in the Taco Demension...

      Locy: This is a nightmare!

      Tra: So... many... Taco Venders... 


      All Taco Venders: What?!

      Pixie: Uh oh...

      Orignial Taco Man: *from somwhere in the crowd of clones* TACO HATER! DESTROY THEM!

      Me: I can't even be honest here? -.-

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    • Me: i dont know wat is going on but you better GET MY CRAB LEGS! *looks at crabs* Click click clickly clickty click? (translated to Ok who is getting eatin' today?)

      Crabs: CLICK CLICK CLICK (translated to DONT EAT US)

      Me: Click (translated to Watever) *looks at floor* UGH WAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT SLEEPING ON THE JOB?! 

      Brady: Im not sleeping

      Me: watever JUST GET MY CRAB LEGS!!! 

      McKenzie: Whats up with Lego and crab legs?

      Me: I just like them

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    • McKenzie: ...But you're a robot! How can you eat?

      Hailey: Wut she said

      Lego: Uh, never mind that... and WHERE IN THE ACTUAL FUDGE ARE MY FLUFFING CRAB LEGS?!

      Klutzy: CLICK CLICK CLICK (I'm getting outta here!)

      Meanwhile in the Taco Demension Court...

      Judge: Do you admit to the crime of not liking tacos?

      Jury: OMG THEY DID WHAT?! *angry murmers*

      Judge: ORDER! ORDER! I WILL HAVE ORDER IN MAH COURT! Now tell me, agents, where's your lawyer?

      Pixie: We... don't have one.

      Judge: Very well then. WHO WANTS TO BE THEIR LAWYER?

      Jury: *silence*

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    • Nixie jumps in



      Nixie: I'll be the lawyer here, bros.

      Charlie: Thank God you're here...whateveryournameis! :D

      Nixie: Nixie. Thine name is Nixie.

      Judge: Oooohh, pretty name.


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    • Tra: Wait, we're just going to let someone we don't even know be our lawyer?!

      Me: Well, what other choice do we have?

      Judge: SILENCE!

      Rookie: I don't like it here D;

      Meanwhile in the Regular Demension...

      Brady: So, McKenzie, when is your egg due?

      McKenzie: What can you possibly hope to gain by knowing that?

      Brady: Your baby. >:D

      Hailey: What the... what would you want with a pookie?

      Brady: I can put it through standard RPF training. By the time it's a kid, I can use it as a spy.

      McKenzie: >:O NEVER!

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    • Hailey: -Shakes the bars of the cage- GET ME OUT OF THIS CAGE SO I CAN MAKA-CHOP YOU!

      Brady: Nope.

      Hailey:...You're no fun at all.

      Brady: Not until I get her baby. >:(

      McKenzie: NO.

      Hailey: Release McKenzie, or else.\

      Brady: Or else what.

      Hailey: Or else she dies in childbirth. (Epicstareplz)

      Brady: ono Nuuuuuu!!

      McKenzie: I'm gonna die after my baby is born!? D:

      Hailey: Hopefully not D:

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    • McKenzie: Why would I die?!

      Hailey: Simple, because... Wait... Hmm... I dunno :P


      McKenzie: :|

      Brady: So, now you see that evil will alwayd triumph-

      Hailey: ...because good is dumb? -.-

      Brady: I was going to say 'fantastic' but yeah, that works.

      Back in the Taco Demension...

      Me: So, Nixie, what's the plan?

      Nixie: Simple. *holds up bottle of jelly* We need to jam them.

      In a Galaxy Far, Far, Away...

      Man with an odd sphere-shaped helmet: What's the matter, sir?

      Man with Darth Vader-type helmet: I... felt a disturbance, like we're repeatedly getting paged on a wiki thread. O.O

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    • Me: OK WHERE ARE MY CRAB LEGS!?! I mean wat does a robot got to do to get some crab legs? Also i hate cats so the cat goes into the cage.

      Haily: Im not going in a cage

      Me: then i hope you like your head 'cause imma cut it off

      Haily: AHHHH *starts running*

      Me: ok run if you want but imma getchoo. Now WHERE THE FUDGE IS MY FUDGING CRAB LEGS?!? wait now that you think 'bout it how do i eat? also would i go to jail for trapping the PSA in a different dimension?

      McKenzie: you should

      Me:well i wont if they dont find me MHAHAHAHAHAHA. plus if the do find me im just too powerful for them

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    • Hailey: Wait. You know what? I'm just gonna stand here, so go ahead and decapitate me. :|


      Hailey: Dude. Cats have nine lives. (mingplz)

      Lego: I could just cut your head off nine times.

      McKenzie: NOPE

      Lego has been Maka-chopped by McKenzie, because Lego was about to kill someone.

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    • Me: THAT FUDGING HURT! Im so texting my friends about this *texts trying to kill a cat just got Maka chopped by McKenzie can this get any worst* Done oh i so feel like a teen right about now. Plus nine lives or not if i decapitate you wont grow back a head

      Haily: Or will it?

      Me: thinking 'bout that freaks me out

      Haily has been decapitated by Lego

      Haily grows her head back

      Me: now dats just creeping me out. Ok i will have to decapitate you 8 times over

      Lego has been Maka-chopped again by McKenzie, beacause Lego was about to kill someone

      Me:THAT HURTS YOU KNOW! AND GIVE ME MY CRAB LEGS OR EVERYONE DIES! Ok i have a secret i kinda sorta sorta like --- never mind

      The girls: Tell us

      Me: nah i can say other girl i like but thats it PH.

      The girls: tell us the other girl

      Me: i cant its to hard to say it right here

      The girls: Why would it be?

      Me: No reason *rolls eyes*. Also the next person to Maka-chop me is going to die. So ladys how do you like your death: Tied to a rocket to the moon, getting your guts ripped out of you, or getting beatin' up by a robot aka ME

      McKenzie: that all sounds horrible

      Haily: wut she says

      Me: but ill be happy to kill Haily 8 times over (troll face)

      McKenzie: why are you so evil?

      Me: You see i never had a choice to be good or evil. If i had the choice i would chose good. But as you can see i was built to be evil so i never really had a choice

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    • McKenzie: You were good for a period of time, but one day you malfunctioned and went crazy because you couldn't stand the thought of Eagles going out with Cadence.

      Lego: Yes. And now I'm beyond the point of being good again because I want REVENGE!

      Brady: >:D Lego, I'll help you get revenge on Agent Eagles if you help me get revenge on McKenzi-


      Brady: Y-yes, M-Master... O.O

      McKenzie: Not so tough anymore, are you? >:P

      Brady: Shaddup

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    • Taco Vendor: Lego, siñior, I think you ordered the Crab Taco Delux?

      Brady: Shuddup.

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    • Lego: No, you shaddup Brady. Tell me does the Crab Taco Delux have crab legs in it?

      Taco Vender: Oh, but of course!

      Lego: I'll take two hundre-

      (Portal appears out of nowhere. It sucks in Taco Vender but spits out me, Puffles, Tra, Locy, Nixie, and Pixie.)

      Taco Vender: AAAAIIIEEEEE!!!!

      Me: Good riddance.

      Lego: What the, how did you get out?! HE WAS ABOUT TO GIVE ME FREAKING CRAB LEGS!!

      Tra: We jammed them. :P

      Brady: ...

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    • Me: THIS IS CRAZY!!!!! WAT DO I HAVE TO DO FOR SOME FUDGING CRAB LEGS?! and how fun was el taco dimension? It must have been the coolest thing in the world

      Charlie: You have no idea

      Lego runs so he does NOT go to jail

      Me:The worst part is i never got my crab legs :(

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    • Me: ...That was... interesting...?

      McKenzie: OMG Thank Gawd you guys are safe!

      Brady: They won't be for long. With the press of this button *holds up remote* I will drop a huge boulder on them, effectively killing them!

      Pixie: You know we can hear you, right?

      Brady: Ah, no matter, *presses button* because now you're- *gets crushed by own boulder*

      Tra: What a weirdo.

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    • Hailey: And I lost one of my nine lives, thanks to Lego's battle-axe. |:(

      McKenzie: Let's not talk about that.

      Charlie: Why not?

      Hailey: Too morbid. :|

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    • Me: You feeling okay, Kenzie?

      McKenzie: Yeah, but pretty tired. Also, for some reason I'm really hungry :S

      Me: Sounds like the midnight cravings have started.

      Nixie: OMG Congratulations! :3

      McKenzie: Thanks :P

      Me: *unties McKenzie and Hailey* We gotta get you home, Honey.

      McKenzie: Agreed. O.O

      Later, after the agents have left...

      Brady: *flipper reaches out from under boulder* SUMMER'S NOT OVER YET!

      Klutzy: Clack Cleck Click (Uh, yes it is. Find a new catchprase you idiot. :|

      The End

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