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    Locy enters the HQ

    Charlie: Hey guys!

    Everyone: AAAAHHHGGG!

    Puffles: Ummm hey Locy! Whats new?

    Locy: Well I got a haircut, some cool new highlights, and I'M A FIVE INCH FAIRY!

    Locy as a fairy

    Locy: Maybe Lucy can help! *calls Lucy*


    Lucy: *picks up ringing phone* Oh, hey Locy! ...Wait, what?! You're a WHAT?! I'll be right over! O.O Charlie, looks like your and McKenzie's vacation here will have to be cut short.

    Charlie: Aw, I just got here!

    McKenzie: Who was on the phone?

    Lucy: Locy just called... she says she turned into... a fairy...?

    Charlie: What the Fudge?

    Lucy: *starts up boat* Come on, we've got to go back to Penguin Isle right now.

    McKenzie: *hops in* Wait! The fuel tank only has enough to go to the island, but not back!

    Lucy: We'll figure out something. *starts up boat*

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    • I VOLUNTEER- *Boom*

      Hailey: -Is also a five inch fairy, but is dressed as Tinkerbell-


      Hailey: ono Crap. -Flies off to where Locy is-

      RLN: Sorry if I wasn't in any other RP's I'm currently grounded. Expect me to sneak log-ins from time-to-time. XD

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    • Charlie: Locy! Thank goodness your alright!

      Me: Im a five inch fairy! DOES IT LOOK LIKE I'M ALRIGHT?

      Lucy: Locy! I should have known this would happen! Right now Rockhopper has a book right? We need to get that book!

      Me: Why?

      Lucy: Because thats our cousin Lucida's book! She cast a spell on the island and won't undo it without her book!

      Charlie: Well that's a problem... We need to get that book to Blisk but the PSA boat is out of fuel, and all the fuel was used durring the Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam!

      Me: Well it's no big deal really. We can just walk over to Rockhopper's ship and ask him for a ride. He has the book anyway.

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    • Me: SO, Rockhopper. We meet again.

      Rockhopper: Aye. How was that Cream Soda you raided me fer? -.-

      Me: I TOLD you, that wasn't me!

      Rockhopper: And what about me Stinky Cheese?

      Me: Well sor-RY, my red puffle was hungry. :P

      Rockhopper: ARGH, this isn't over!

      Pixie: So, can you take us to Blisk?

      Rockhopper: Aye, but keep this land lubber away from me Stinky Cheese! O.O

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    • Hailey: -Flails her hands, trying to get Charlie's attention, frantically- CHARLIECHARLIECHARLIECHARLIE

      Charlie: WHOA, Cal-Wait...TINKERBELL?


      Charlie: Hailey, calm down. Why are you a fairy, anyway?

      Hailey: Well at least I put my form to a good use. I fooled Herbert. -Trollfaceplz-

      Puffles (Off camera): B-BUT HE'S YOUR SOULMAAAAATE! D:


      Puffles (Off camera): ...Fine. -_-

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    • Note: Hailey, your reply has been edited due to you making Locy look mean, which she has clearly stated that she is not.

      Rockhopper: Argh, is everyone on board? Good. Avast Me Hearties! *Migrator begins to head towards Blisk*

      Rookie: Why are we going so slow? :|

      Rockhopper: Aye, ever wonder why it takes me six weeks to get from here to me island?

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    • (( Sorry, I was thinking of Soul Eater at the same time. :c ))

      Hailey: Because there's only one person on the ship...? -Bad pokerface-

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    • Me: Finnally! Now what?

      Lucy: Now we gotta deal with Lucidia.

      Me: I hate her. She's a total witch.

      Charlie: Thats not very nice Locy

      Me: No I mean she's actually a real witch!

      At the place where Lucidia is

      Lucidia: Test your luck! Try and find the marble under three shuffled cups and you'll win double what you paid!

      Random Dragon: Ok sure! *Pays*

      Lucidia: *shuffles cups* (small text is whispering) Make this marble never here; Make this marble disappear!

      So take you guess!

      Random Dragon: That one! *points to cup*

      Lucidia: Sorry! Better luck next time!

      Random Dragon: WHAT? *breaths fire*

      Lucidia: AHHH! *teleports* I have GOT to find some weaker people to cause trouble to!

      Lucy: There she is! Hey Lucidia!

      Lucidia: I know! Maybe I can cause some trouble to my cousins and they're gullible friends!

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    • Me: Ugh, I feel seasick.

      McKenzie: I was worried that would happen. Why don't you go down and take a nap?

      Rockhopper: Argh, but keep yer flippers off me rare items!

      Lucy: We should stay on the ship for a few minutes and figure out our game plan.

      Lucida: *watching from distance* >:) *snickers* I have the best idea ever.

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    • Charlie: Ok I'm good to go!

      Lucy: Well it looks like Lucidia is over there so lets just walk up to here!

      They go to Lucidia

      Lucy: Great news! We got your book!

      Lucidia: It's about time!

      RH: Well I 'll just be giving ye your book so you can undo the spell and I'll be on me way!

      Lucidia: *in head: Oh no I forgog about that! Wait, I have an idea!*

      Alas your home will be nothing but a pile

      Unless I undo it on Club Penguin Isle!

      I'll have to come to Club Penguin with you to undo the spell or it won't work.

      RH: Arg! Come abord me ship then!

      Lucidia: Perfect..

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    • Me: *whispers in Lucy's ear* Do you really think we can trust he- 

      Lucida: What was that?! 

      Me: ...Nothing! O.O

      Lucy: *whispering super quitely* She has the ears of hawk.

      Me: I see... where did Locy go?

      Locy: Hi. *is sitting on my hat*

      Me: We are totally gonna accidentally lose her at some point O.O

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    • Hailey: -Pokerface-

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    • Me: ughh, what am I doing with this knight costume on? it's tight! *squeezes through door* TIMBER *falls and hits floors* is anyone gonna call me for a mission? I might as well go back to bed -_-

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    • Lucida: *whispering* 

      Make Charlie take the idiot's soda of cream,

      Have their fight disrupt the team!

      (Rockhopper's Cream Soda barrel suddenly levetates in the air. Some of it floats out and onto the flippers of a sleeping Charlie, making them sticky. The rest of it suddenly vanishes.)

      The Next Morning...

      Me: I didn't take your Cream Soda! I hate carbonated drinks!

      Rockhopper: What?! Car-bone-ate-ted drinks be delicious! And if ye didn't take it, how there be CREAM SODA STICKINESS ON YER FLIPPERS?! *holds up one of my flippers and shoves the palm in my face*

      Me: What the... I never had anything sticky!

      Rockhopper: Yah ye did! Ye had me STINKING CREAM SODA WITH YE!!!

      Me: I DID NOT!! *we continue arguing*

      Lucida: *snickers*

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    • (For some reason, Phoenix gets bored, and lets one of her OC's join the RP :P -Maka-chopped- )

      A hooded figure appears from the shadows, it's diamond cutlass aimed between them

      Hooded figure: You two lads sound like quarreling schoolgirls.

      Charlie: -Turns to Hooded figure- Whoa, dude. Put that cutlass down.

      Hooded figure: -Turns to Rockhopper- I saw what happened last night. It wasn't the lad.

      Lucidia: -Sounding all innocent and all of that ranbow-y crap- Then who did it? 9u9

      Hooded figure: -Points at Lucidia without saying a word-

      Rockhopper: Ye be lying to me, lad!

      Rockhopper takes out his cutlass, and attempts to attack the Hooded figure. Insert epic battle sequence here. After a few minutes of metal clashes, Rockhopper corners the Hooded figure.

      Locy: Crap, it's Pirates of the Caribbean all over again. ono

      Hooded figure: We're not in Port Royal, lass. That's one thing.

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    • Me: Just get out of here!

      HF: Fine. You have been warned. *jumps of the boat*

      Lucy: Hmmm.. Maybe he's on to something!


      Lucy: Lucidia! Did you cause all that trouble between RH and Charlie?

      Lucidia: No.

      Lucy: Well if you did then it would have been the wrong thing to do. They actually have the potential to get along and all your doing is making them argue! You are hurting them inside!

      Lucidia: (sarcastically) Oooh I feel so guilty! HAHAHA!

      Lucy: Huh, that usually works :|

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    • Later...

      Rockhopper: *sigh* Well, here we argh!

      Locy: Hey, where did Lucida go?

      Screams come from the beach, large green explosion is seen

      Lucy: That would be the stink bomb spell O.O

      Me: Aw man we brought her back just so she can mess things up more?

      Pixie: Quickly agents, find her!

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    • Meanwhile, the hooded figure manages to hide behind the lighthouse.

      Hooded figure: That lass is causing too much chaos here. She needs to stop.

      The hooded figure runs at Lucidia to stop her, by tackling her, while the others get off the ship at the same time. The two girls roll around, trying to pin eachother down. But, obviously, Lucidia pins the figure down, cause I'm too lazy to describe more. :P

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    • Lucidia takes hoded figures hood off

      Lucidia:Taco Vendor?!

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    • (( RLN: It's not Taco Vendor, it's one of my OC's. But nice one, anyway. XD ))

      HF: What?

      Lucidia: Wait a minute...I don't even know a taco vendor.

      Locy: Wait...what just happened?

      Apparently, Locy, the hooded figure is a girl.

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    • Lucy: Guys you have to work together if you want Lucidia to break the spell!

      RH: But he stole me cheese!

      Charlie: No I didn't!

      Lucy: Your not communicating! Wait a minute.. I got a feeling this is about more then stolen stuff..

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    • HF: -She quickly grabs her cutlass, but Lucidia threw it at the lighthouse-

      Lucidia: Who are you.

      HF: Like you need to know.

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      HF: And why should I?

      Lucy: She turned my sister into a fairy.


      Charlie: Please don't show us an example of that, the planet could probably burn after 1 minute!

      HF: I'm just joking.

      Charlie: Oh, good.

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      Lucy: Why...?

      HF: Do I look like Tia Dalma to you?


      HF: Then I'm not gonna turn into a giant freaking person. -n-

      Lucy: Then who are you? Tell us the truth.

      HF: I'm a piriate of the Bretheren Court.

      If you guys don't know what she's talking about, she's from this really cool movie called Pirates of the Caribbean.

      HF:...What he said.

      Charlie: Do you have a name?

      HF: Aye. My name is Joan. The pirate lady of the Caspian Sea.

      Wait, I thought Barbossa was the-

      Joan: I inherited the title, okay? -_-

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    • Me: I've only seen one movie, and I don't even remember any of it.

      Joan: Okay...

      Charlie: Wait, isn't this supposed to take place in the medieval party?

      Joan: No, it's the Pirates of the Caribbean Takeover!

      Me: Okay, this is officially Club Advertisement.

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    • Me: I can't understand a single thing that's going on right now! O.O

      Locy: OH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD You and Rockhopper need to WORK TOGETHER to defeat Lucida! Don't you see? You were meant to be friends!

      Me: Oh come on, I'm sur- WAIT a minute! *everyone freezes and looks our way* I see where this is all going.

      Locy: W-What do you mean?

      Rockhopper: Aye. This be all a setup, wasn't it?

      Locy: I-I don't know what you're talking about!

      Me: You set this whole thing up just so me and Rockhopper would stop arguing! I bet Lucida over there doesn't even want control over us! *everyone looks at Lucida*

      Lucida: O.O ...I'm out. *vanishes*

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    • Locy:I also think helmet and cadence should be friends

      Me:NOPE *punches cadence*


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    • Rockhopper: This landlubber lied to us! Wat should we do with her?

      Me: Idk *eats stinky cheese*

      Rockhopper: >:O *grabs cannon*

      Me: *shoots Rockhopper into sky*

      Locy: CHARLIE! You were supposed to learn to work with him kindly!

      Me: What is this, a Disney movie? Sorry Locy, I'm outta here *Chuckles*

      Locy: -.- Dangit

      The End

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