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    Me: *walks in*


    Me: Wow! This is so cool :D! It would be even cooler if I wasn't the one who planned it..

    Rookie: Look what I got you! *gives Locy a cool watch*

    Me: Wow thanks Rookie! You so sweet!

    Rookie: *blushes*

    Someone knocks on door

    Me: Oh! That must be him :D! *opens door*

    Chad: Hello, Locy


    Chad Chadington

    Me: Guys I'd like you to meet my boyfriend from school, Chad Chadington!

    Rookie: B-b-boyfriend!

    Chad: Oh and Locy, I made us reservations at a fancy dinner place tonight!

    Me: .......

    Chad: It's a pizza place next to an arcade.

    Me: Oh Chad! You really know what a girl likes! *sees rookie* Umm Chad can you give me a moment?

    Chad: Why sure, Locy!

    Me: Hey Rookie listen-

    Rookie: I thought you saw something in me!

    Me: I did, but honestly I just think of you as a brother. Im Sorry Rookie. *walks away*

    Rookie: D:

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    • Me to self:That's it for Rookcy.

      Jimmy:Where's the cake?!

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    • Later, in the men's restroom, I find me and Chad washing our flippers next to each other.

      Me: Oh, hey... Chad, is it?

      Chad: Oh, shut up.

      Me: *looks around* Are you talking to me? 

      Chad: Who do you think I'm talking to?

      Me: I was just being nice...

      Chad: I know, I'm just busting your chops. Your friend Locy out there...

      Me: Yeah, she's pretty, huh? Do you like he-

      Chad: Um of corse I do! I'm not trying to kill her or anything!

      Me: ...What?

      Chad: *backs out of bathroom mysteriously* The less you know, Charles... the better.

      Me: *eyes narrow* Something's goin' on here.

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    • Even later in the coffee break room

      Rookie: Ok this is the plan!

      Charlie: You know thats blank except for the title right?

      Rookie: Umm ok new plan! Use puffles bathroom! *runs away*

      Me: What's this? *picks up plan* Huh?

      Charlie: Locy trust me that is not a plan to break up you and chad so you can be with Rookie!

      Me: Then how come it says "plan to break up Locy and Chad so she can be with Rookie?"

      Charlie: Umm.. Ok it is. But you don't understand! He wants to kill you!

      Me: Oh really? Got any proof?

      Charlie: Well.. No but-

      Me: Look charlie this is my life *crumples plan* and I can date whoever I want. *walks away*

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    • Me: *appears behind Charlie, upside down* I don't believe it, Charlie!

      Charlie: I know, I guess I'm paranoi-

      Me: What are you talking about? I'm talking about you didn't get a present for Locy!

      Charlie: ...I did.

      Me: Oops, sorry, I was the one who didn't get her anything. I really need to get her something. Something good- I think she hates me because I didn't invite her to my wedding.

      Charlie: Wait... You're a ghost, right?

      Me: *sarcastically* No, I'm a bat.

      Charlie: Can you turn invisible?

      Me: *turns invisible* Yes.

      Charlie: I have a plan!

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    • Me: I need to find a present for Locy.

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    • Me: *hands Jay tiny video camera* Follow my lead.

      Jay: K. *turns invisible again*

      Me: *walks causally over to Chad* Hey Cha-

      Chad: I thought I told you to shaddup?

      Me: I-

      Chad: GO! *pushes*

      Me: *dramatically* AAAHHH!!! 

      Jay: *whispering* Got the footage! 


      Locy: That video is obviously fake.

      Me: :| Does this look fake to you?

      Locy: Charlie, do you realize what a jerk you're being right now?

      Me: That footage is real!

      Locy: Unlesss you can stay out of my personal life, there's the door! >:(

      Me: *walks out with head down* I was just trying to help...

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    • Me: Ok! Present time!

      Chad: Here you go my sweet!

      Me: Aww its a bracelet with a ruby!

      Jay: umm locy.. I din't exactly get you a present..

      Me: You didn't get me a present, ok. You din't get me a present. You didn't get me a present! Ugg first Charlie has all these false notions about Chad then the same person who didn't invite to a wedding that meant so much to me din't get me a present!

      Jay: I'm sor-

      Me: Ugg EVERYONE JUST STOP DESTROYING MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! *turns into dragon!!*

      Jay: Maybe I should call Lucy shes the only one of Locy's family not scaring me right now...

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    • me:i got a present

      -starts to shake-

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    • (turns into Nightwing)

      In nightwing form: I got you a wormhole to Pyrrhia?! (nervous smile)

      Jimmy:What kind of present is that?! Wormhole? Are you kidding me? Why not a personal cake or something?!

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    • Meanwhile...

      Me: *is standing by lighthouse watching the moon rise* Rookie, you down there? *walks down to dock where Rookie is sitting*

      Rookie: Hi Charlie... :(

      Me: *sits down next to Rookie* I'm sorry, man.

      Rookie: She thought of me as a brother. A BROTHER.

      Me: Well, she won't think of you that way for long.

      Rookie: What do you mean?

      Me: We're gonna pay an overdue visit to a guy named Chad. *shows security footage*

      Rookie: :O He's gonna kill Locy?!

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    • Charlie: I'm not entirely sure what he's gonna do yet, but It's certainly bad! *sees Locy* :o Its a dragon!

      Rookie: In club penguin?

      Charlie: *Hands telescope* Look and see for yourself!

      Rookie: hmm.. that dragon looks strangely like Locy.. Wait... That dragon is locy! Thats no dragon! That's Locy!

      Me: *deep dragon voice* Well well well if it isn't Charlie and Rookie! I'm gonna go pay them a visit! MWAHAHA!

      RWN: Locy is probably turned evil by something.. But what?

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    • At the HQ

      Lucy: I'm here!

      Jay: How did you get here so fast?

      Lucy: I was in town for Locy's birthday! Sorry I couldn't make it to the party! Locy and I are gonna do something fun right about now! Where is Locy anyway?

      Jay: Thats why we called you here.

      Lucy: Is she stranded?

      Jay: No

      Lucy: Kidnapped?

      Jay: No

      Lucy: DEAD?

      Jay: Wha- no!

      Lucy: Then what happened?

      Jay: Well I figured it would fall under your area of knowledge.

      Lucy: *hears dragon roar* Oh don't tell me!

      Jay: Yep.

      Lucy: She got eaten by a dragon!

      Jay: *facepalms* she IS the dragon!

      Lucy: How did that happen?

      Jay: I DON'T KNOW HOW IT HAPPENED! That's what we need you for!

      Lucy: Oooohhhh

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    • Meanwhile...

      Me: I'm not nessecarily enjoying this.

      (Locy is flying high above the island while dangling me and Rookie from her dragon claws.)

      Rookie: I don't think this is Locy.

      Me: But it looks exactly like her!

      Rookie: No, I mean I think she's being controled?

      Me: How do you know that? I thought you were stupid again!

      Rookie: Locy smart and smart smart are two different things!

      Me: I se- *we are dropped by Locy* AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!

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    • Meanwhile Lucy is chasing Locy

      Lucy: I can't believe I chased her all the way to the cove! *sees Charlie and Rookie fall into the water*

      Charlie: Man that was close!

      Lucy: Hi guys! Isn't it convenient that Locy dropped you over the cove!

      Charlie: Sometimes her positivity scares me...

      Rookie: What's going on with Locy?

      Lucy: Lucky you I brought a book on gems from Blisk! After some searching I found out that Locy must have been transformed by a Transformation Gem! If the wearer even experiences the slightest bit of anger, he or she will rage and turn into the most powerful type of dragon there is! Theres still one thing I don't understand though..

      Rookie: Sadness?

      Lucy: No.. Locy had to be wearing the gem in order for it to work, hence the words "if the wearer". How would Locy ever get her hands on a Transformation Gem?

      Charlie: Never mind that right now. What's important is how do we stop her?

      Lucy: The only way is to remove the gem from Locy, but I've been observing her and I would have noticed the transformation gem!

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    • Rookie: *eyes light up* Because somebody else is controling her by using the gem!

      Me: What?

      Lucy: But she's wearing the gem!

      Rookie: She has the gem, but she's not contolling it, someone else is.

      Lucy: But who would do that?

      Me: :O I think I know who.

      Lucy: Who?


      Me: *knocks on door* Hello? Chad, you in there?

      Voice: Uh... no.

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    • (Turns into Rainwing dragon)

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    • Rookie: Don't make us break down this door!

      Chad: Hello, Chad is not home right now. Please leave a message after the tone. BEEEEP!

      (Me, Lucy, and Rookie all look at each other)

      Me: Gawd, what does she see in him?

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    • Lucy: It's pointless anyway. She has to be wearing the gem or it wouldn't have worked!

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    • Rookie: She is wearing the gem, but someone else has found a way to control it.

      Lucy: But that's impossible!

      Me: Wait... maybe it's not! The guy who's controlling the gem must've found a way to tap into it's power and transform Locy.

      Lucy: If you say so. But how are you so sure it's Chad?

      Me: I don't know, maybe it's the fact that he told me he's plotting to kill Locy would be a good clue? 

      Rookie: *knocks* Don't make me get out my baseball bat!

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    • Me: shot i need to get her a gift hmmm maybe no thats it ill give some money *goes to the bank* Ok put you flippers up! i am a weapon and im not afraid to use me. thats the weirdest sentence someone could ever say

      Bank man: IM CALLING THE COPS

      Me: I am a cop *shows badge*

      Bank man: o then heres the money

      Me: that was easy *walks to hq and gives Locy the money and walks away*

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    • me:uh so whats going on here

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    • Me:What is happening.

      Jimmy:Something... Not like you'd care, lazy fruit eater.

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    • Meanwhile...

      Me: *busts down door* FREEZE... Chad?

      Chad: *casually sitting on the couch* Sup, freaks?

      Rookie: But-but-but- I was so sure he was controlling her!

      Lucy: Wait a minute... Chad, what are you even doing back at your own house anyway? Locy's party is still going on... or at least it was until she turned into a dragon and started destroying the city.

      Chad: Oh! I, uh... I just came back to, you know, get Locy some... uh, flowers! Yeah! :D

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    • Lucy: Chad I'm not unresonable. What did you get Locy for her birthday?

      Chad: A beutiful Ruby bracelet!

      Lucy: Do you have any that are similer by chance?

      Chad: I'm sorry Locy but the only ones are ones I made me and Locy from pure ruby! *shows wrist revealing a similer bracelet*

      Lucy: Locy and I *snaches bracelet* Rookie, hand me my book.

      Rookie: Since when are you the boss of us?

      Lucy: Since I became an expert on gems and dragons andbecame Locy's stepsister.

      Rookie: Here.

      Lucy: *compares bracelet to picture in book* It's a perfect match!

      Charlie: I knew it! He is responsible!

      Lucy: Calm down charlie. Let's give Chad a chance to explain himself. I'm sure he din't mean it, right Chad? *sees a chad shaped hole in the wall* huh, that usually that works :|

      Charlie: Let's tell Locy!

      Lucy: No, thats the thing with Locy. You have to be subtle. Even the slightest hint your trying to break them up and she'll freak! But thats not important right now. On Locy's dragon wrist should be a bracelet. All we have to do is is yand it off and she'll turn back to normal :D

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    • Later...

      Me: Easiser said than done.

      Locy: MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAW! *is destroying the Plaza with fire breath*

      Lucy: Charlie, get the pookies and the puffles out of the Pet Shop.

      Me: On it. *runs off*

      Lucy: Rookie, see if you can distract Locy long enough for me to grab the gem.

      Rookie: Again, why are you the boss of u-

      Locy: JUST DO IT! O.O

      Rookie: Alright! Uh, hey Locy! I, uh... hmmm... Aha! *holds up picture of Chad*

      Locy: Ooh! <3

      Rookie: The fact that this actually worked is painful. -.-

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    • Me:Um...Good! I'm not the only dragon that has destroyed a part of Cp!

      Jimmy:(Attempts to grab gem)

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    • Lucy: JIMMY! NO!

      Locy: Grrrr!!!! *breathes fire at*

      Jimmy: GAH!!! *runs and hides behind Dogkid*

      Dogkid: Sigh...

      Rookie: LOCY! Locy, relax! Look at the pretty face! *holds up picture again* Gawd I can't believe I'm doing this  -.-

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    • Dogkid:Locy? Take a deep bre-

      Locy:I AIN'T LISTENING TO SOME LAZY FRUIT EATING DRA-MY DARLING! (Hearts appear over head and in eyes)

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    • Rookie: *whispering* Now, Locy!

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      Charlie: No, I said Lucy.

      Lucy: You said Locy!

      Me: CHARLIE!!! *flys upward*

      Lucy: Now's my chance! *runs to the top of the lighthouse and grabs the gem*

      Me: *Turns back to normal* Huh? What happened? And why am I midair? *starts falling* AHHH

      Lucy: That wasn't the best idea.

      Chad catches Locy

      Chad: Relax, Locy.

      Charlie: Let's go tell Locy what happened!

      Lucy: No! I told you we need to be subtle!

      Charlie: Great now we can't get then appart!

      Lucy: I didn't say that, I said we need to be subtle. You see, out everything scary at all, Locy is afraid of one thing and one thing only. Frogs. They don't live in Club Penguin though.

      Rookie: How does that help us?

      Lucy: I realized that Chad is very predictable. He's gonna try and give the bracelet back to Locy. How do we connect these dots you ask?

      Charlie: Nobody asked that..

      Lucy: Well I did, and I'm gonna show you right now!

      Chad: Locy I want you to have this *pulls out frog that Lucy put in his pocket*

      Locy: AAAAAAGGG! What's wrong with you?

      Chad: Please give me another chance!

      Locy: Alright, one more chance.

      Charlie: Well that was useless.

      Lucy: Actually it wasn't. With locy, at the end of the chance rainbow is a pot of rage.

      THE END

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