• Chad: So, Locy, enjoying your surprise party?

    Locy: Oh, Chad, you've outdone yourself! *hugs*

    Chad: Yeah, I'm glad yo- *sees Me, Lucy, and Rookie, who are have gotten inside using the break-in gem* Oh, no.

    Locy: What's wrong?

    Chad: Um, I'll... I'll be right back, I uh, have to go to the bathroom. *runs off*

    Lucy: There he is! After him!

    Lucy and Rookie take off after Chad. Charlie, however, is sliding on his stomach as he currently has no feet thanks to the tail gem, which has turned him into a merman.

    Me: Gawd I hate this! *trips party guests with tail* Sorry!

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    • Lucy chases Chad but trips and falls on the food

      Jay: THE FOOD!

      Rookie: Relax, I'm gonna get them air style! *starts flying with proppeller cap* AHHHHH ITS OUT OF CONTROL!! *flys along the wall ripping off the party streamers*

      Me: The decorations!

      A penguin trips on Charlie's tail and crashs into the DJ booth

      Me: THE MUSIC!

      Lucy/Charlie/Rookie: Are you mad?

      Me: No I'm not mad that you ruiend this awesome party just cause you hate chad...

      Rookie: Thats a relief!

      Me: I was being sarcastic

      Rookie: meep

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    • Lucy: Locy, we didn't intentionally destroy your par-

      Locy: Yeah, sure! The people who hate my boyfriend DEFINETELY wouldn't want to destroy his party!

      Me: Locy, we're sorry that w-

      Locy: You know what Charlie, I am getting SO TIRED of this!! You RUINED my birthday, you RUINED my party, and you are RUINING MY LIFE!!!!!!! >:( and why does he have a mermaid tail

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    • Me: Locy, I know you hate me and all that, but trust me for once. Chad is evil.

      Charlie: I didn't mean to ruin your birthday! We're trying to protect-

      Locy: THAT'S IT! Unless you can get proof that Chad is evil by tomorrow, I'M QUITTING!

      Charlie/Lucy/Jay/Rookie: *gasps*

      Genevieve: NO LOCY! You can't quit! I'm supposed to be the bridesmaid at your wedding!

      Rookie: And I'm supposed to be the groom!

      Locy: I never promised Genevieve to be the bridesmaid at my wedding...

      Charlie: I don't remember her being able to talk...

      Me: I don't remember her being this tall...

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    • Genevieve: I need to go *Starts Running*

      Locy: That was weird.

      Charlie: AFTER HER!!! That's obviously not Genevience.

      Locy: How was that not Genevieve, it's just weird she thinks that she's my bridesmade, and Rookie, WHY WOULD CHAD EVAN THINK ABOUT LETTING YOU BE GROOM!!!! *Storms Out*

      Charlie: How could she not see that's not Genevieve?

      Lucy: Purhaps it's a spell cast on whoever that was to make it appear to look, and seem that she acts like Genevience, or to make Locy think that's Genevience no matter what, I need to study this, I'm going to go see what books I have on this.

      Sheilla Pinches Charlie's tail

      Charlie: OWWWW

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    • Somewhere...

      Me: Mr. Narrator, you're just trying to-

      Somewhere ELSE...

      Chad: Locy, uh... Happy birthday. I got a present for you. *hands Locy a teddy bear*

      Locy: A teddy bear?

      Chad: *rips the teddy bear up*

      Charlie: *watching from the corner* What kind of person gives somebody a present, then rips i-

      Chad: *grabs something from inside the teddy bear* LOCY, WILL YOU MARRY ME?

      Lucy: *watching from the corner* The kind of person that hides an engagement ring inside of it.

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    • Cute Bunny Lucy
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      Locy is too yong to married!
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    • Locy: Sorry Chad, I would say yes, but I'm too young.

      Charlie: *in normal voice* Phew!

      Chad: Did you hear that?

      Lucy: Uh oh!

      Everybody runs except for Jay, who turns invisible, and goes into Chad's lair to find his evil plans.

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    • I'm going to revive this after two years of inactivity, mainly because it's part of a saga, and that saga is incomplete without this. Anyone who may comment, remember, this takes place back in Season 3.

      Charlie: Reading

      Step 1: Befriend Locy, and ask her out.
      Step 2: Make Her Love Me, while making her hate her friends, so that by comparison, I'm much more loveable.
      Step 3: Use the Love Gem On Her, Ultimately Killing Her, But Giving Me Absolute Power.
      Step 4:...

      Chad Enters, cutting off Charlie from finishing reading


      Chad takes the Journal

      Rookie: But it said you were trying to kill Locy.

      Chad: I DON'T CARE, NOW GET OUT!!!

      Charlie, Lucy, and Rookie leave

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