Time Trekker
Halloween 2012 Party Telescope Time Trekker

Inventor Gary
Date Invented 2012
Function Time Travel

The Time Trekker is a device the PSA use to travel through time. It can be very useful, but like most of Gary's inventions, it has buttons that are useless, and, when pressed, harmful.


The Time Trekker was invented by Gary the Gadget Guy. He created it using parts of the Ice Cream Trekker, an invention which failed by exploding and destroying three igloos, the ninja hideout, and half of the iceberg.

In January 2013, Gary used the Time Trekker to travel to prehistoric times in order to study the dinosaurs. He used it once again in January 2014, when he rescued the dino puffles, and again in May 2014, when he visited the year 4014 to help defeat Protobot.

The PSA uses the Time Trekker from time to time on missions to access time periods they would otherwise not have been able to go otherwise. Using the Time Trekker usually ends up with the PSA ending up in the wrong Time Period, due to the many confusing, and pointless, buttons.


  • Rookie accidentally gave Herbert the keys to the Time Trekker once.
  • It was first seen during the Halloween Party 2012 when Gary was testing it for the first time.
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