Tra's Igloo
Tra's Redesigned Igloo

Where In the wilderness.
Opened December 1st, March 1st 2016
Closed December 30th, March 30th 2016
Mini-Games N/A
Owner Agent Tra
Tra's Description
Here we have it! My own igloo! It's glorious isn't it? Try not to break anything would you please? I'm not fixing it. You are! Yeah I'm kinda strict about my Igloo and my Treehouse. It took a while to build them so BE CAREFUL!
Tra's Igloo was a room for the Puffle Party. Penguins were able to access it from March 1st to March 30th, but it then was closed for everyone but Tra. Tra could be found here often during the party. Tra is very strict about his igloo.


  • On Tra's background and playercard for the Puffle Party, He is in his igloo.
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