Age Unknown
Gender Male
Species Snowman
Position Internet troller
Friends Everyone except enemies
Enemies Anyone on the Internet
Favorites Hugs, trolling
Related To Olaf*, Marshmallow*, Olaf Jr.*
Romance Interest N/A*
Status Trolling people
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By ?
It's just a prank, bro.
— Trollaf

Trollaf is the younger brother of Olaf.


Trollaf loves going on the internet to troll unsuspecting people. He is very introverted, and does not like being disturbed. He has a twisted sense of humor: finding the pain and suffering of others hilarious.


Trollaf was created by Elsa when she arrived on Club Penguin. Unlike his brother Olaf, Trollaf enjoys trolling people and spends most of his time on popular websites like YouTube and Twitter.

As of February 3rd, 2018, he has been arrested for the murder of a Twitch streamer, after allegedly swatting them live by calling the police and claiming they were a known serial killer. If found guilty for the crime, he could face up to a life sentence in prison, and fines of up to 250,000 coins.


  • Pixie owns a snowman puffle called Trollaf.
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