Revenge is a dish best served cold.
— Tusk

Tusk on My Penguin Main Menu

Age  ?
Gender Male
Species Walrus
Position Leader of Snow Minions, Master of Snow (according to the Stamp Book), Sensei's friend-turned-enemy
Friends Scrap, Tank, Sly, Snowman army, Sensei (formerly)
Enemies Sensei, Alli
Favorites Battling
Related To Jimmy (son), Alli (daughter)
Romance Interest  ?
Status Alive
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By ?

Tusk, also known as the Master of Snow, is an enemy of the PSA and the primary antagonist in Card-Jitsu Snow. He wants revenge on Agent Blue Jay and Sensei, sending his Snow Minions, Scrap, Sly, and Tank to destroy them. Sensei and Tusk used to train together in their childhood, being best friends. Out of jealousy, Tusk turned on Sensei.

After being defeated by Sensei and his ninjas, he joined Herbert in the RPF agency. Tusk's whereabouts are mostly unknown, though, as he's barely seen by the PSA.

At an unknown point, Jimmy was born to Tusk and an unnamed walrus. It is unknown if Tusk knows he's Jimmy's father, or if Tusk is really his father at all. Before Jimmy's birth, Tusk had an affair with a penguin and had a daughter named Alli. He later slayed his partner in a cabin below the Dojo's mountain.


  • "Sensei, old friend. We meet once again, and this time shall be the last."
  • "Oh Ninjas, prepare to freeze to death by my icicle storms of doom! MWUAHAHAHAHA!"
  • "I will get revenge!"


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