Ultimate Proto-Bot 10000

Age 8
Gender Genderless (commonly referred to as male)
Species Robot
Position Evil Robot Genius
Friends The Test Bots, Varanus109
Enemies The PSA, the EPF
Favorites N/A
Related To  ?
Romance Interest Destructobot
Status Alive
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By Darth Vader X (Varanus109)
Ultimate Proto-Bot 10000, also known as Protobot and UP10K, is an enemy of the PSA and EPF.


Protobot was created by the bots in 2008. Between then and now, it has been destroyed, and rebuilt several times, going through several redesigns. Among these were several attacks on the EPF, with UP10K demanding control over the island. It now controls the bots that created it, along with other bot minions it had created. It was defeated during the Future Party in 2014, but it is rumored to have been rebuilt.


  • Protobot is an independent villain, though it has teamed up with a few enemies of the PSA.
  • It got angry at the PSA for not incorporating it into their roleplays.


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