You will pay for this Aunt Arctic!
— Uncle Arctic

Uncle Arctic

Age  ?
Gender Male
Species Penguin
Position RPF agent
Friends RPF members
Enemies Aunt Arctic,
Favorites  ?
Related To N/A
Romance Interest Aunt Arctic*
Status Alive
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By ?

Uncle Arctic is the ex husband of Aunt Arctic. After loosing his wife to Sensei, he vowed revenge on them, as well as the PSA and EPF.


Uncle Arctic was once a rather quiet, mild mannered individual. After his divorce with Aunt Arctic however, he became violent, with frequent bouts of insanity.


The Arctics were once a picture perfect couple, but all that changed after they fell on hard times. Uncle Arctic lost his job at the Pizza Parlor, The Club Penguin Times wasn't selling well, and the couple was in danger of loosing their igloo. Aunt Arctic grew to dislike her husband, blaming him for their misfortune, and requested a divorce. Uncle Arctic tried his best to save their marriage, but his attempts were in vain, as Aunt Arctic ran off with Sensei soon after.

Devastated, Uncle Arctic sought to ruin Sensei and Aunt Arctic's happiness, just as they had done to him. After he discovered the PSA's relation to his ex-wife, he decided to exact his revenge on them as well.


  • "Arr-har-har! This Arctic is in the ANTarctic!...*whisper* Ew that reminds me of my wife. *regular tone* The one and only, UNCLE ARCTIC!"

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