Yes water, one of the many things that is essential for life to exist, is being ranted about. This is less of a rant about water, and more of a rant about what some idiots call it. You see, if you don't know, I've been taking a Chemistry almost an entire year now, and one of the many things that has been drilled into my mind is naming conditions for different molecules, and how to decide how to write them out. Something that I find common (especially on TV, and with younger children) is mixing up these 2 things for water, one of the most necessary things for you to live. And as a short disclaimer, I don't promote calling water anything but "water."

Something that people should always do is say something as clearly and briefly as possible, and thus, writing out H2O makes since if you're writing to someone who would know what that means, because it's shorter to write than water, but actually saying it is different. Never actually read H2O out-loud; people who do this are just trying to sound like they know something. Guess what. They don't. If someone were to actually read "H2O" out-loud, they'd read it "dihydrogen monoxide." It's not one of those cases where you read it how it looks like it should sound, but even then, that's not the most interesting thing about water. If you ever want to sound educated, don't use fancy words to do it. Tell them an interesting fact about it.

Thank you, and DFTBA.

--AnonymousDuckLink and Postman 04:03, August 21, 2015 (UTC)

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