Hello and welcome to my very first post of 2015, and the page for the highly anticipated (let's just pretend it was) new penguinƨ.doc-inspired comic series! Every Saturday/Sunday (I'm on a different time zone than everyone else, so it may be different for you) for thirteen weeks, this page will be updated with four (I hope) new pages (the final part may have more). I finally got a scanner printer, so these pictures should be clearer than my previous uploads. Thanks for reading, and enjoy! (Man, I'm putting a lot of these, aren't I?)

Latest Pages (Sorry for the delay!)

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Note: The comment requirement still applies to this. If a week goes without three new comments (they must be about the comic), then that week's scheduled release will be skipped and delayed for a whole nother week. This may sound kind of strict, but I need to do it just so I know that people are reading my comic and I'm not doing all this for nothing. If more than three weeks go by with no new comments, the pages will stop altogether permanently.

-Charlie the Penguin: Don't just do something, stand there! 02:23, January 11, 2015 (UTC)

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