So, there's a new Club Penguin stop-motion special out (at least in England despite the UK team being disbanded) and of course the staff has said absolutely nothing about it anywhere. All I've found of it is this clip from the very beginning of the special.

...And, yeah. It's pretty bad. I reccomend watching it before reading on.

Club Penguin Jangrah - Best Beach Party (From "Club Penguin Monster Beach Party")

Club Penguin Jangrah - Best Beach Party (From "Club Penguin Monster Beach Party")

I don't get it- Christmas specials are practically begging to be musicals, so why would you make this one a musical when Merry Walrus wasn't? Anyways, here's the pros and cons, in my opinion.


  • I'll admit that it is nice to have everyone from the past special (aside from Merry Walrus) back again. ADMIT IT- YOU MISSED THEM TOO
  • The animation has actually become even more fluid, at least for the most part (honestly couldn't say the same about the mouths though)
  • Gary and Rookie are in it, and for once we're actually gonna hear their voices! (Gary isn't in this clip though)
  • This is just a personal one, but Rookie sounds exactly how I was expecting him to.
  • Lorna's actually acting sane for once, being the only one who seems to realize how awful Jangrah is at singing.


  • The song. The f***ing song. Y U DO DIS 2 US CP
  • This has got to be the first CP song I've ever heard that just sounded plain awful. I don't see this one growing on me anytime soon.
  • The penguins all look a little... odd. I may be the only person who feels this way, but their proportions seem off, especially their beaks.
  • The puffles are still obiously CGI.
  • That brings us to my next point, that it is still painfully obvious whenever they use CGI on the penguins. I get that this has a budget, but still- just look at the trailer for the first Star Wars Takeover! The CGI in that was amazing! Why can't they just do that here? In fact, wouldn't it be cheaper and just a lot easier in general to make the whole thing in CGI? Well, then again, I have always loved stopmotion.
  • I'm a little dissapointed that CP didn't make a party to tie-in with this special, choosing instead to do Fashion Festival yeah, cuz that'll attract the male players... That said, I do like that they chose to have it take place at the Summer Jam.

What are your thoughts on this special from what you've seen so far?

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