I'm right here!!!
— Waldo

Age Unknown
Gender Male
Species Penguin
Position Hiding
Friends Those that Dress Differently
Enemies The Lighthouse Shirt
Favorites Hiding
Related To His Twin
Romance Interest None
Status Alive, In a Crowd of Similar Looking Penguins
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By ?

Waldo is a penguin who can often be found hiding. He appears in Where's Wally? (known in the United States and Canada as Where's Waldo?), a series of children's book created by British illustrator Martin Handford[1].


Waldo wanted to get out of a crowd of similarly dressed penguins, so he moved to Club Penguin in September 2006. Unfortunately, this was the time the Lighthouse was being repaired, so everyone was wearing the Lighthouse Shirt. Ever since then, Waldo has been avoiding anyone wearing that shirt, but for some reason, only goes on the server Sleet. He refuses to dress differently because he thinks his dress style shows his personality perfectly: stubborn and bossy.


  • There is no reward for finding him.


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