This list is for things that we are planning on doing for the wiki. You may add to this list, and if something is completed, cross it out like this.

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  • Make a new background with the agent's new outfits.
  • Make a new navmap interface using that background.
  • Expand all articles in Category:Article stubs.
  • Collapsible agent infobox for the ability to merge all of a users' puffle pages into one (so the infobox doesn't awkwardly be long, and merge into the other puffles' descriptions).
  • Add pictures to more pages to make them more appealing.
  • Create pages for the abilities that characters have.
  • Update the homepage at least once a month.
  • Complete all roleplays in Roleplay/Season 5.
  • Complete all roleplays in Roleplay/Season 6.
  • Update Template:AgentsMap to show Agent Tra instead of Earthis.
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