Age 2 years
Gender Male
Species Rainbow Crystal Puffle
Position Agent of the PSA's Puffle Division, EPF elite puffle (formerly)
Friends Charlie, Pluffy, Sady
Enemies Pie, Sasquatch, Merry Walrus
Favorites Training with Charlie, eating cake, going on missions, and eating more cake.
Related To Every Rainbow Puffle in existence
Romance Interest Amber
Status Alive
Alternate Form Master of Weather
Portrayed By UnikoJoe
Like a baws!!
— Wingman

Wingman is Charlie's crystal rainbow puffle. He is usually seen wearing his translator helmet that Charlie built for him. He is part of the Puffle Division, but is more often seen with Charlie, and other agents.


Wingman was the runt of his litter, and for the first few days of his life recieved little to no care from his mother. A few days later a young Charlie, having mastered his puffle training, visited the Cloud Forest (early before Rainbow Puffles were even known to the public) and immediately chose Wingman. One month later, Wingman appeared at the end of Club Penguin music video, Gotta Have a Wingman, making him a well-known puffle throughout CP. A whole year later Charlie modified one of his prizes from the 2014 Fair to make it able to translate his thoughts into English. In September of 2014, Sasquatch, who had stolen the thunder blade, caught Wingman in his cave, and cut him in half. In December of 2014, he was pushed into one of Merry Walrus' crystallization machines and became a crystal puffle, the first crystal puffle to be a different color than blue. Oddly, after this, his scar from the Thunder Blade disappeared.


Wingman is smarter than most rainbow puffles, and kind, but also hostile towards enemies of the PSA. He is almost seen with his owner, Charlie. He can be a little shy at first towards other people, but usually gets used to them pretty fast. He can be somewhat of a smart-aleck at times, especially towards enemies, and somewhat boastful, but he always means well.


  • Before Charlie gave him his Quasar Helmet, he had an R2-D2 helmet from the first Star Wars Takeover.


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